Solar Charge Controller – An Essential Component Necessary to Charge Your Solar Panel Batteries

If you would like live off of the grid, you need to put in a solar power panel charge controller. The objective of this product is to let you charge your rechargeable batteries to allow them to provide you with electricity at night time.

The main reason why rechargeable batteries should not be charged directly from the production of the solar power panels is simply because the voltage and current will not be regulated. As a result, there can be current spikes that could perhaps damage the batteries. Or even the voltage might be too low, resulting in the current to circulate in to the solar power panels instead. This can drain the stored energy from inside the batteries.

A charge controller can keep the charging voltage relatively constant and direct the present in to the batteries inside a controlled manner. When the batteries are totally charged, the solar charge controller will electrically disconnect the charging current from your battery to avoid overcharging.

Once the batteries are fully charged, the charge controller can redirect the electricity with other loads or perhaps a different group of batteries. They could even be designed to flow into the power grid in the event you so desire.

There are lots of kinds of charge controller available for sale. Some are complex while some are pretty straight forward.

When looking for your charge regulator, you should know what rating to purchase to ensure that it to operate properly together with your solar power panels as well as your rechargeable batteries. While in doubt, always double-look at your ratings using the supplier or perhaps an expert prior to buying. Also, different charge regulators have different lengths of warranty. Make sure to make sure that the warranty is in your expectation before leaving the shop.

Another great way to get a good solar charge controller for the solar energy generator would be to build one yourself.

This involves a bit skill. But for those who have some experience making simple circuits and soldering those electronic components onto a printed circuit board or perhaps a perforated board, you must do well.

You will find different circuits in books or on the web. There will probably surely become a design which is ideal for your solar generator. If you discover it an inconvenience to etch printed circuit boards or cut perforated boards, you could purchase a do-it-yourself hobby kit that is included with schematics. Within the kit, you’ll usually find instructions on where you can place each component, a description from the circuit, using it and which project box to accommodate your circuit board in.

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